While earning marginally useful degrees in Electrical and Industrial Engineering, Rajiv Haque begged and pleaded his way into screenwriting courses during his undergraduate career at the University of Michigan. Having completed the introductory course under Danny Baron (Basmati Blues), he completed a rewrite course under department head, Jim Burnstein (Renaissance Man, D3: The Mighty Ducks) before dipping into a TV Writing course during his graduate work.

After a successful career in finance, Haque decided money wasn’t for him, and thus decided to pursue his lifelong dream to become a screenwriter full-time. In reality, having a daughter in July 2012 shifted Rajiv’s focus from what he was doing to what he wanted to be doing. Currently, Rajiv Haque seeks representation to lighten the financial load on his sugar mama wife, and acheive aforementioned dream.

Aside from screenwriting, he volunteers at 826CHI, a creative writing non-profit that falls under Dave Eggers’ 826National balloon. At 826CHI, Haque tutors elementary and middle school children once a week and actively serves as a member of an invite-only volunteer committee called V.E.S.T.